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With all of the lenders out there, why use CRB

People just like you have told us that they have heard that "when banks compete, you win".
Well, do you?.

What's not shared with you is that if one of those competing "Banks" does a loan for You, that
"Bank" owes a large sum to that company that set the banks loose upon you in the first place.
Just how good of a deal do you think that "Bank" is willing to give To You when they are in the
hole to begin with?

But, then again, people just like you tell us that they see ads on TV every nite showing really
good rates from lenders who are on the internet and you can apply online. They even garantee the
best rate and fee.

Well, take a closer look. They tell you a rate, AND an "APR". They do not tell you what an "APR"
means nor do they tell you what kind of loan is attached to that advertised rate. That "APR"
is a measure of how much a loan really costs in total fees.
If you want to see what they really intend to charge you, use CRB's
True Points Calculator. Just plug in the numbers and see for yourself!

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